On a Monday?

Most people really hate Mondays and for good reason. When I had a day job, Mondays really sucked. I literally dragged myself to work, LOL. But sometimes very special things can arise out of places you would not expect. This next song is a tune that was written on a Monday, but was inspired by…Read more On a Monday?

Gold vs Nickel, which is better?

With the advancements in technology, guitar string makers have been pushing the envelope with new techniques in developing sound. The most notable would be the combination of gold in guitar string construction. Today we will find out if there is a difference in sound between nickel strings and gold strings. If you have a favourite…Read more Gold vs Nickel, which is better?

Donald Waugh Live @ Radio Western London, Ontario, Canada

It was so awesome being invited to Radio Western 94.9 FM  to do a live performance. So happy to be playing some of the world's smallest musical instruments like the Wing Bass and the PBJ Double Four. Enjoy the videos and don't forget to follow Don's World here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYfLc-iNT4c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU6HE6UIS60 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbuVbNw2Iag

What is the key to success?

Often times the hardest tasks require the simplest solutions. What is the key to success? Being successful is quite possibly the hardest thing to achieve in this life and often the most fulfilling. Whatever we want, it could be a relationship, promotion, writing music or inventing a new gadget, they all have one thing in…Read more What is the key to success?

Game Changing Gear Volume 3

I have been on a musical journey for the past twenty years and I must say it's been quite an adventure filled with ups and downs. One of my major ups would have to be the Wing Bass NT6, the biggest tiny instrument you have ever heard. Welcome to volume three of “Game Changing Gear”. The…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 3

Touring with the Wing Bass and Phil Jones Bass Amps!

"Go anywhere. Play anywhere" the mantra I live by since I met the Wing bass. It's been quite a privilege to be able to be using the Wing bass and Phil Jones Bass amps for the past couple of years. When you meet people like Andy Brown of Wing Instruments and Phil Jones of Phil Jones Bass that…Read more Touring with the Wing Bass and Phil Jones Bass Amps!

Chi Hoop @ SNAMM ’17

I do believe entrepreneurs, artists and inventors have the power to change the world. Sometimes, the simplest solution to a common problem makes the largest impact. The Chi Hoop® is one of those solutions that will change the way we secure our guitar cable. It helps to prevent damage to the guitar and cable by…Read more Chi Hoop @ SNAMM ’17

Run and Tell Yuh Mamma!

On day three of Summer NAMM 2017, I was hanging out at the Phil Jones Bass booth and was trying out a few of their new products for 2017. I was inspired at Winter NAMM 2017 to write a tune called “Run and Tell Yuh Mamma". In this video I am playing an instrumental version…Read more Run and Tell Yuh Mamma!

The Tiny Red Bass “Rose” Wing Bass NT6

I have been playing the Wing Bass for over one year and it's been a very awesome experience. Traveling to different locations to perform has been a dream. I enjoyed using the classic Wing Bass and all it had to offer, until Chris Stambaugh and Andy Brown introduced the Wing Bass NT at Bass Bash…Read more The Tiny Red Bass “Rose” Wing Bass NT6