With the advancements in technology, guitar string makers have been pushing the envelope with new techniques in developing sound. The most notable would be the combination of gold in guitar string construction. Today we will find out if there is a difference in sound between nickel strings and gold strings. If you have a favourite string, please comment below and I will join the discussion. Enjoy the video!

Here’s some more about Optima Gold.

Enjoy even more music from Donald Waugh here.

4 thoughts on “Gold vs Nickel, which is better?

  1. Im using stainless steel strings. They sound heavy.not as funky as nickel strings.
    I found out they last longer then nickel.
    On some basses I have the stainless steel strings for a couple of years while nickels are gone in a couple of weeks. It’s also for bass players who have pain with playing on nickel strings. They are allergic for nickel. That’s why I don’t have rings on my hands. The temperature can be nickel in Gold or silver

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  2. Like the sound of the gold strings. I used Elites strings which I haven’t been able to find. Tried Dean Markley’s , DR’s, now using Dunlop’s. Like the zing of the Dunlop’s on my Musicman USA Sterling.

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