Boomerang Looper Pedal

Chi Hoop

Cordial Cables

Dwight Cunningham Design RLJ-S7

Dwight Cunningham Design RLJ6 Headless

Fifine Microphone 

Fusion Gig Bags

G7th Capo

Hercules Stands

Lanikai Ukuleles

MG Bass Guitars

Mobile Catch – Multi Purpose Claps

NS Design

Optima Strings

Phil Jones Bass

River Straps

Wing Instruments

Cunningham RLJ-S7 DW Signature 7 String Bass
The Wing Bass

The Phil Jones Bass Double Four
DW Signature River Straps®
Phil Jones Bass D-400 and Cab-47
Boomerang III Phrase Sampler
Optima Strings
Bass Mods NT7
Chi Hoop
Fusion Gig Bags
Ns Design Omni Bass WAV Series
Cordial® High Copper Cables
Lanikai Ukulele
Mgbass Guitars

Hercules Stands

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