“Go anywhere. Play anywhere” the mantra I live by since I met the Wing bass. It’s been quite a privilege to be able to be using the Wing bass and Phil Jones Bass amps for the past couple of years. When you meet people like Andy Brown of Wing Instruments and Phil Jones of Phil Jones Bass that are just amazing people to hangout with, it makes it so much sweeter using their amazing products.

Traveling with the wing bass on airplanes have been quite pleasurable. For the first time I am not being told to gate check my bass… WOW! As a matter of fact, the wing bass fits underneath the seat of the aircraft. I also use the Phil Jones Bass amps,  the PJB Double Four and the PJB Bass Pulse One with a pair of PJB Cab 47. For the first time I am able to have my bass amp as a carry-on… Incredible! For larger venues I use the Bass Pulse One and Cab47 and Solo show I use the Double Four.

I have been searching for the right amp for my sound for about three years. It was maybe by devine intervention or some would say dumb luck…LOL, that I found out about Phile Jones products. The short version is, I met Andy Brown at Summer NAMM Show 2016 in Nashville, I probably went to his booth about three or four time during the time we were there for the weekend. The first time I met him, he was so warm and welcoming to me. We instant became friends and as soon as I tried the wing bass, I knew that instrument would some day be mine. Anyway fast forward a year and I had received my own wing bass and have been playing for months, we went to Winter NAMM 2017 (thanks to Andy Brown for the invite). I told Andy I am in the market for a bass amp, Andy said “That easy, let me introduce you to a guy” Andy introduced me to Phil Jones, an incredibly humble and friend person. The rest is history… I now play Phil Jones Bass amps and I am very happy.

The wing bass will definitely be a permanent tool in my musical arsenal. The perfect bass for travel. Enjoy the videos!

Rocking it

Airport PJB

Play anywhere!

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