Wing Instruments… Flying!!!

The wing bass is an amazing innovation in travel instruments. Being able to put a bass guitar under the seat on a plane is awesome! The Wing Instruments company keeps innovating and pushing the envelope. Many of us who travel with our bass or guitar have been told "there is no space in the overhead…Read more Wing Instruments… Flying!!!

Touring with the Wing Bass and Phil Jones Bass Amps!

"Go anywhere. Play anywhere" the mantra I live by since I met the Wing bass. It's been quite a privilege to be able to be using the Wing bass and Phil Jones Bass amps for the past couple of years. When you meet people like Andy Brown of Wing Instruments and Phil Jones of Phil Jones Bass that…Read more Touring with the Wing Bass and Phil Jones Bass Amps!

Beatbox Drums @ Summer NAMM 2017

We met Matthew, Beatbox CEO/Founder/Creator, last year at Summer NAMM 2016 and from day one we were impressed. Mat brings out the best in people because of his positive, optimistic and just all around happy demeanor. The Beatbox Drums are designed with travel in mind, based on the fact that it’s a box that transforms…Read more Beatbox Drums @ Summer NAMM 2017

The Tiny Red Bass “Rose” Wing Bass NT6

I have been playing the Wing Bass for over one year and it's been a very awesome experience. Traveling to different locations to perform has been a dream. I enjoyed using the classic Wing Bass and all it had to offer, until Chris Stambaugh and Andy Brown introduced the Wing Bass NT at Bass Bash…Read more The Tiny Red Bass “Rose” Wing Bass NT6

The Wing Instruments Booth @ Summer NAMM 2017

Day one of Summer NAMM 2017 has been quite eventful. The day started at 8am with the breakfast session, where we had breakfast and heard an amazing presentation on how to create a more effective online business model. We then went directly to the Wing Instruments booth to see Andy Brown and Chris Stambaugh, and…Read more The Wing Instruments Booth @ Summer NAMM 2017