I have been playing the Wing Bass for over one year and it’s been a very awesome experience. Traveling to different locations to perform has been a dream. I enjoyed using the classic Wing Bass and all it had to offer, until Chris Stambaugh and Andy Brown introduced the Wing Bass NT at Bass Bash in California. The NT had a few features that I wish the classic Wing Bass had. For example a top horn, I do prefer having a top horn than a single cut styled instrument because I enjoy using the Mobile-Catch® mic clamp attachment when I do perform at smaller gigs or if I will be doing a lot of dancing while I play… (which is all the time LOL). Another feature I wish the classic had was another pickup, having that extra pickup really opens up a myriad of tonal possibilities. Other secondary features are the new bright red color (hence the name “Rose”) and the new placement of the sub octave switch. The Wing Bass NT will now be my main travel bass moving forward… well… until Chris and Andy introduces another cool Wing Bass idea. hahah!

Learn more about the Wing Bass NT6 here.

Chris and Andy and I

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