It is such a pleasure to see when people think outside the box and create very useful tools for us to enjoy! The Chi Hoop is one of those products you thought you didn’t need until you try it for the first time… you could compare this product to Lays potato chips; once you’ve tried one, you’re hooked. LOL!

In this video I explore the features of the Chi Hoop. Enjoy!

Everyone loves the Chi Hoop!


Learn more about the Chi Hoop here.

Enjoy the very best of Donald Waugh here.

Don would love to hear from you! Comments and questions are welcome. Talk soon!

2 thoughts on “Chi Hoop Review

    • Si blocca perfettamente al suo posto, non importa se si collega il jack o no o se si posiziona la chitarra su un supporto per chitarra. tutto rimane perfettamente al suo posto.


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