Chi Hoop Review

It is such a pleasure to see when people think outside the box and create very useful tools for us to enjoy! The Chi Hoop is one of those products you thought you didn't need until you try it for the first time... you could compare this product to Lays potato chips; once you've tried…Read more Chi Hoop Review

Amazing invention Wednesday!

There are tonnes of different accessories out there for musicians, but there are few that really standout. Here we have the Chi Hoop, an accessory that I thought I didn't need until I tried it, and now I can not see myself going without it. Lol. I tried the very first Chi Hoop and they…Read more Amazing invention Wednesday!

Chi Hoop @ SNAMM ’17

I do believe entrepreneurs, artists and inventors have the power to change the world. Sometimes, the simplest solution to a common problem makes the largest impact. The Chi Hoop® is one of those solutions that will change the way we secure our guitar cable. It helps to prevent damage to the guitar and cable by…Read more Chi Hoop @ SNAMM ’17