If I could change the world…one note at a time!

The world isn't perfect, but the only person that we can truly change is oneself, and hopefully by showing others our positivity and willingness to change, we will in turn make a positive change for those around us! My musical journey has been filled with ups, downs, twists and turns (hmm, I should write a…Read more If I could change the world…one note at a time!

Donald Waugh Interview – For Bass Players Only™

Jon Liebman, founder of ForBassPlayersOnly.com interviewed Donald Waugh at the Phil Jones Bass booth at Summer NAMM 2017. Enjoy the video and please subscribe to ForBassPlayersOnly.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGBdPUVKapE&t=327s Enjoy the music from Donald Waugh here.

Game Changing Gear Volume 14

For several years I have been trying to find the right sounds, trying different amps and cabinets and being totally frustrated until I found the Phil Jones Bass Cab 47. Welcome to another game changing gear. The Cab 47 is quite possibly the most transparent sounding speaker I have ever used. Crystal clear would be…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 14

Game Changing Gear Volume 4

Wow! Can you imagine a bass amp so small that you can fit it under the seat of an airplane, but it's still very powerful and as clear as a bell. Imagine no more because the Phil Jone Bass Double Four is the new reality of portable live music. Welcome to another "Game Changing Gear"…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 4

Phil Jones Bass @ SNAMM ’17

We gave Phil Jones a visit at the Phil Jones Bass booth at Summer NAMM 2017. Imagine an amp with 1122 watts of power… yep, not a typo. Both the D1000 amp and the new C9 cabs are power houses. I know what I am getting for my birthday present… hehehe! Enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7U7WPRG_sU…Read more Phil Jones Bass @ SNAMM ’17

Skjold Design Guitars @ SNAMM ’17

It was an honour hanging out with the incredible luthier Pete Skjold. I have been following his work for a few years. I was first introduced to his products by Damian Erksine an incredibly talented jazz bassist in the U.S. (the power of Youtube...LOL). We were able to chat with Pete and learn about his…Read more Skjold Design Guitars @ SNAMM ’17

Chi Hoop @ SNAMM ’17

I do believe entrepreneurs, artists and inventors have the power to change the world. Sometimes, the simplest solution to a common problem makes the largest impact. The Chi Hoop® is one of those solutions that will change the way we secure our guitar cable. It helps to prevent damage to the guitar and cable by…Read more Chi Hoop @ SNAMM ’17