For several years I have been trying to find the right sounds, trying different amps and cabinets and being totally frustrated until I found the Phil Jones Bass Cab 47. Welcome to another game changing gear.

The Cab 47 is quite possibly the most transparent sounding speaker I have ever used. Crystal clear would be an understatement. Believe me if your technique is sloppy, people will notice; that’s how clear a sound we are talking about. Since I have been playing through these cabs, it has forced me to practice more. Lol 😂 can’t afford to sound like crap through such nice speakers. The PJB Cab 47 is indeed a game changer. Go ahead and listen for yourself in the videos below.

Enjoy even more music from Donald Waugh.

4 thoughts on “Game Changing Gear Volume 14

  1. Sorry, rear ported is not efficient enough for all scenarios, namely outdoors, only indoors. Been there, done that. Got rid of my rear ported cabs went non ported. Better bottom end anywhere. Front ported is also very effective regardless of the environment.


    • That’s a very interesting observation but so far outdoor gigs have been fine 🤔. Then again it also could be the style of music and location of speakers.


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