Just when you thought the bass was a pain to travel with NS Design went ahead and created the Omni Bass WAV Series. Welcome to another game changer.

I have been searching for a fretless bass for several years, but couldn’t find one with the sound and feel I liked, until I found the Omni bass. I met Core, one of the managers at NS Design, at the NAMM Show in 2017. We became good friends almost instantly. Core introduced me to several of their products, which were awesome. The ones that stood out the most in my opinion were their upright basses… and yes I am a bit bias, of course the violins didn’t grab my eye. LOL! It’s like a dream come true to be able to play the Omni bass, they are a lot nicer in real life. Rather than just staring at it on the internet. hahaha. Anyway enough talk, enjoy the videos!

Learn more about NS Design here.

Even more music below. Enjoy!

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