Cosmic Dance

Another composition that just fell in my lap! Man… I love being inspired! Donald would love to hear from you, go ahead leave a comment! Fortune favours the bold!

First time with an 8 string bass… Wow!

Just when I thought I had seen everything... I get presented with something totally different! The all new MG Bass Extreman 8 string bass guitar is a monster! Enjoy the video. Compared to the four string bass... the Extreman is a BEAST! 😁 Learn more about MG Bass here. Watch more cool videos here.…Read more First time with an 8 string bass… Wow!

My First Signature Bass. Yay! 😊

As a kid I used to put my initials on the headstock on my bass with a sharpie...LOL! I wanted to see what it felt like to have my own signature instrument. This all seemed impossible, but I do believe in miracles. I decided to practice everyday for up to eight hours a day, and…Read more My First Signature Bass. Yay! 😊

Game Changing Gear Volume 15

Just when you thought the bass was a pain to travel with NS Design went ahead and created the Omni Bass WAV Series. Welcome to another game changer. I have been searching for a fretless bass for several years, but couldn't find one with the sound and feel I liked, until I found the Omni…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 15

Here We Go… 2018 yes!

2017 was incredible! I am still alive and playing music. Being so close to sharing something so beautiful is quite a humbling experience. The third album is almost complete and I am so excited to present it to the world. I have so many stories to tell; some happy and a few sad ones. To…Read more Here We Go… 2018 yes!

Let’s find out what happens ‘Inside These Walls’.

There are a number of ways to find motivation when you are essentially your own boss. A great way I have found is to make deadlines, because otherwise things will drag on forever. Knowing when to stop and say, "Yes! It's complete" is one of the hardest things for most creative people. Here we have…Read more Let’s find out what happens ‘Inside These Walls’.

Game Changing Gear Volume 1

It is truly amazing that a piece of wood and metal could evoke such different emotional responses. It's quite a humbling experience to be able to participate in an activity that makes people happy. Welcome to volume one of "Game Changing Gear". The gear is a major part of my sound and how effectively it…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 1

Playing on Gold Strings… Wow!

Today we visited Optima Strings, a German company. The folks there were incredibly nice. They allowed me to re-string my Cunningham RLJS7 bass with there Optima™ Unique Studio Gold Strings. These strings are wound with 24 carat gold. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I decided to have an open mind and try…Read more Playing on Gold Strings… Wow!