It is truly amazing that a piece of wood and metal could evoke such different emotional responses. It’s quite a humbling experience to be able to participate in an activity that makes people happy.

Welcome to volume one of “Game Changing Gear”. The gear is a major part of my sound and how effectively it is delivered to the listener. I have been acquiring gear over my twenty plus years career, but only over the past five years have I been so happy with my sound. This may be a result of practice, listening, transcribing and of course adding the right piece of gear for the right setting. Finding the ideal piece of gear can take a bit of time and may sometimes be frustrating, but certainly worth every moment. I am very grateful and happy with my current sound, but I know with time it will continue to evolve.

This weeks Game Changing Gear goes to the Cunningham RLJ-S7®, Optima Strings®, Lok Nob®, River Straps®, Anatomy Of Sound® Picks. This combination of gear have been instrumental in helping me to achieve a clear but punchy sound while being able to be comfortable performing. It’s easy to tell you about the sound but I rather you listen for yourself and you can be the judge. Enjoy the videos below and have and amazing day.

Cunningham RLJ-S7

Optima Strings

Anatomy Of Sound

River Straps

Enjoy even more music below!

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