My First Signature Bass. Yay! 😊

As a kid I used to put my initials on the headstock on my bass with a sharpie...LOL! I wanted to see what it felt like to have my own signature instrument. This all seemed impossible, but I do believe in miracles. I decided to practice everyday for up to eight hours a day, and…Read more My First Signature Bass. Yay! 😊

Drum and Bass addict!

Hi my name is Donald Waugh and I am an addict...LOL! The first time I got introduced to drums and bass was back in the early 90s while at my local church in Jamaica. I remember hurrying to church so I could listen to the drummer groove and the bass player play cool licks. It…Read more Drum and Bass addict!

Game Changing Gear Volume 14

For several years I have been trying to find the right sounds, trying different amps and cabinets and being totally frustrated until I found the Phil Jones Bass Cab 47. Welcome to another game changing gear. The Cab 47 is quite possibly the most transparent sounding speaker I have ever used. Crystal clear would be…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 14

Three countries come together in harmony!

With all the problems we have around the world, there is always one thing that seems to bring people together and that's MUSIC! Usama Allati the incredible 9 String Bass player from Bethlehem contacted me on Facebook about possibly doing a video/song together, which I thought was an awesome idea. I quickly pulled out my…Read more Three countries come together in harmony!

Game Changing Gear Volume 12

Amazeballs! If Boss keeps making their products so tough, no one will replace any of their effects... EVER! Seriously, I purchased the Boss GT6 over a decade ago and it looks and opperates like new. (Brand new second hand... LOL). The Boss GT6 build is so fantastic it is inspiring me to also create quality…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 12

Here We Go… 2018 yes!

2017 was incredible! I am still alive and playing music. Being so close to sharing something so beautiful is quite a humbling experience. The third album is almost complete and I am so excited to present it to the world. I have so many stories to tell; some happy and a few sad ones. To…Read more Here We Go… 2018 yes!