The bass guitar is by far the most modified instrument in the modern era. It all started with the four string bass invented by Paul Tutmarc back in the 1930s, which at the time was revolutionary. Leo Fender made the four string bass the standard in the 1950s and beyond. Of course, the bass evolved when bass players started to request lower notes, so the five string bass was born. Players like Anthony Jackson made the six string popular, which made it easier to play solos and chords. Soon after, the seven string was developed. Bill Dickens, a seven string funk bassist, made playing the seven string bass look like so much fun. His amazing techniques facilitated easy access around the fretboard at blazing fast speeds. My entry into bass playing took me from a four string bass all the way up to the seven string, which you will get to see and hear me play various instruments in my arsenal. Enjoy!

The Cunningham RLJ-S7 DW Signature.

The Bass Mods NT7

MG Bass Guitar Desert Buckeye Burl

Enjoy lots more music from Donald Waugh here.

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