A new generation of drumming innovation.

The BeatBox Drums are now in their seventh iteration. The the first generation of BeatBox weighed well over 70lbs, which made it a bit expensive to travel with as checked luggage. Matt, CEO/Founder of BeatBox Drums, was determined to get it flight ready, so he redesigned the instrument and got the weight down without compromising the sound quality. He got it just below 70lbs. We thought that alone was amazing, but he won’t stop there. He told us he will be getting the weight below 50lbs, which would make it TSA approved and ready for flights without paying overweight baggage fees. He’s currently running tests with carbon fibre and titanium to see which will work best. Matt has not given us an exact date for when that new light-weight model will ship, but as soon as we get knowledge of this we will definitely let you know more. Enjoy the video!

Learn more about BeatBox Drums here.

Enjoy more more music from Donald Waugh here.

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