Game Changing Gear Volume 14

For several years I have been trying to find the right sounds, trying different amps and cabinets and being totally frustrated until I found the Phil Jones Bass Cab 47. Welcome to another game changing gear. The Cab 47 is quite possibly the most transparent sounding speaker I have ever used. Crystal clear would be…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 14

Game Changing Gear Volume 9

Awesome! Finally, a direct box with very useful features. Welcome to another volume of "Game Changing Gear". Originally, the LR Baggs Stadium DI was designed for bass guitar, but I find myself using it for vocals... yep! The great thing about this DI is that it's active and can be powered either by a 9…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 9

Game Changing Gear Volume 6

Yay! Finally a light weight, full size, 34" scale length bass that fits easily in a electric guitar gig bag. For all my bass player readers that travel on airplanes with your bass, you know exactly how annoying it is when they ask you to gate check your instrument because it's too large. With the…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 6

Game Changing Gear Volume 4

Wow! Can you imagine a bass amp so small that you can fit it under the seat of an airplane, but it's still very powerful and as clear as a bell. Imagine no more because the Phil Jone Bass Double Four is the new reality of portable live music. Welcome to another "Game Changing Gear"…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 4