Wing Bass all day!

I decided to spend some time and make some music with the amazing Wing Bass. Here are three different flavours ... Enjoy! Wing Bass 30 NT7 Wing Bass NT6 Wing Bass Classic Enjoy more amazing music from Donald Waugh here.

Gold vs Nickel, which is better?

With the advancements in technology, guitar string makers have been pushing the envelope with new techniques in developing sound. The most notable would be the combination of gold in guitar string construction. Today we will find out if there is a difference in sound between nickel strings and gold strings. If you have a favourite…Read more Gold vs Nickel, which is better?

Game Changing Gear Volume 4

Wow! Can you imagine a bass amp so small that you can fit it under the seat of an airplane, but it's still very powerful and as clear as a bell. Imagine no more because the Phil Jone Bass Double Four is the new reality of portable live music. Welcome to another "Game Changing Gear"…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 4