Around the world and back with Fusion Bags!

Being able to travel around the world and make people happy through music is a privilege and an honour. Having great tools to make my job easier is equally a blessing. The Fusion bags have been with me at several NAMM Shows and all around the world as I toured in 2018. These gig bags…Read more Around the world and back with Fusion Bags!

On Tour with Purple Haze!

Being out on tour with the Purple Haze Band has been an amazing adventure and an incredible learning experience. I may not be doing a lot of original tunes in the band, but I am certainly getting a tonne of inspiration for the fourth album by just interacting with each member of the band. It's…Read more On Tour with Purple Haze!

MEE Audio and I @ SNAMM’18

The MEE Audio In Ear Monitors are very versitile, from touring the world, doing live performances, to sitting on the train listening to your favourite tunes. It's nice to finally find headphones with the working musician in mind, with prices starting at only $50... wow! Enjoy the video. Learn more about MEE Audio here.…Read more MEE Audio and I @ SNAMM’18

The In Ear Stick @ SNAMM’18

The Fischer In Ear Stick is the smallest stage ready headphone amp I have ever seen! They are very clean and clear, absolutely no hissing or buzzing, just a clean audio signal. This version of the In Ear Stick is active, but a passive version is also available. Enjoy the video! Learn more about…Read more The In Ear Stick @ SNAMM’18

Game Changing Gear Volume 6

Yay! Finally a light weight, full size, 34" scale length bass that fits easily in a electric guitar gig bag. For all my bass player readers that travel on airplanes with your bass, you know exactly how annoying it is when they ask you to gate check your instrument because it's too large. With the…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 6

No man is an island!

I have been a solo bassist/guitarist since 2013 and it's been an awesome experience. Imagine not having to set specific rehearsal times, not needing to book multiple hotel rooms, never dealing with bickering band members while touring, and not having to worry about ticket sales to a show because you need to pay your band…Read more No man is an island!

Touring with the Wing Bass and Phil Jones Bass Amps!

"Go anywhere. Play anywhere" the mantra I live by since I met the Wing bass. It's been quite a privilege to be able to be using the Wing bass and Phil Jones Bass amps for the past couple of years. When you meet people like Andy Brown of Wing Instruments and Phil Jones of Phil Jones Bass that…Read more Touring with the Wing Bass and Phil Jones Bass Amps!

Cruise Tour Winter 2017 – Airplai Band

It's almost time to hit the road again. This winter the Airplai Band will be in the Caribbean... Yay! I met Monica at a Summer Festival in London, Ontario this year, 2017. Soon after she paid me a visit at the Airplai Studio where we did a bit of musical experimentation (a.k.a. jamming). With Monica's…Read more Cruise Tour Winter 2017 – Airplai Band

The most travel friendly bass on the planet!

It's a great time to be a bass player. From an amazing invention from Paul Tutmarc to an incredible innovation from Leo Fender, the bass guitar has continued it's evolution even to this day with the amazing travel instruments from Chris Stambaugh and Andy Brown from Wing Instruments. I had the pleasure of touring with…Read more The most travel friendly bass on the planet!

Beatbox Drums @ Summer NAMM 2017

We met Matthew, Beatbox CEO/Founder/Creator, last year at Summer NAMM 2016 and from day one we were impressed. Mat brings out the best in people because of his positive, optimistic and just all around happy demeanor. The Beatbox Drums are designed with travel in mind, based on the fact that it’s a box that transforms…Read more Beatbox Drums @ Summer NAMM 2017