I have been a solo bassist/guitarist since 2013 and it’s been an awesome experience. Imagine not having to set specific rehearsal times, not needing to book multiple hotel rooms, never dealing with bickering band members while touring, and not having to worry about ticket sales to a show because you need to pay your band even if the show flops. Managing a band isn’t easy. Having said all that, it’s also lots of fun working with others. Collaborating with others means learning new and interesting approaches to music and life, being responsible for someone other than just yourself and most of all enjoying the sounds on stage from each person is quite a dream. I am looking forward to continuing to collaborate with people throughout my career because there is so much to learn and grow from each experience. Notice in each video, I play a bit different when I perform with different people. Then again it may be all in my head, but let me know in the comments below. Enjoy the videos!

And final the Airplai Band!

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