First time with an 8 string bass… Wow!

Just when I thought I had seen everything... I get presented with something totally different! The all new MG Bass Extreman 8 string bass guitar is a monster! Enjoy the video. Compared to the four string bass... the Extreman is a BEAST! 😁 Learn more about MG Bass here. Watch more cool videos here.…Read more First time with an 8 string bass… Wow!

The easy way to record drums and bass!

Welcome to the second episode of “Inside These Walls”.  Please join me on this wonderful journey exploring the beauty of music. Enjoy the video and follow the blog here. Learn how to use Pro Tools in the video below. Enjoy! Episode one below. Enjoy!  

No man is an island!

I have been a solo bassist/guitarist since 2013 and it's been an awesome experience. Imagine not having to set specific rehearsal times, not needing to book multiple hotel rooms, never dealing with bickering band members while touring, and not having to worry about ticket sales to a show because you need to pay your band…Read more No man is an island!

Music is Infinite – 20yrs only scratched the surface!

I do believe inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Performing with Monik has taught me so much about myself. Monik is originally from Mexico and her music is heavily influenced by Latin Jazz and Reggaeton, two music forms I have enjoyed over the years, but couldn't find anyone to play it with. Her timing…Read more Music is Infinite – 20yrs only scratched the surface!

Playing on Gold Strings… Wow!

Today we visited Optima Strings, a German company. The folks there were incredibly nice. They allowed me to re-string my Cunningham RLJS7 bass with there Optima™ Unique Studio Gold Strings. These strings are wound with 24 carat gold. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I decided to have an open mind and try…Read more Playing on Gold Strings… Wow!