On a Monday?

Most people really hate Mondays and for good reason. When I had a day job, Mondays really sucked. I literally dragged myself to work, LOL. But sometimes very special things can arise out of places you would not expect. This next song is a tune that was written on a Monday, but was inspired by…Read more On a Monday?

How did Airplai band start?

Several years ago I started touring with a reggae band from Jamaica, I won't state their name here, so as to protect the innocent... hahaha! I performed with them for about two years. After which the band leader fired me! I know it sounds like a sad story, but it gets better. Flash back a…Read more How did Airplai band start?

Music is Infinite – 20yrs only scratched the surface!

I do believe inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Performing with Monik has taught me so much about myself. Monik is originally from Mexico and her music is heavily influenced by Latin Jazz and Reggaeton, two music forms I have enjoyed over the years, but couldn't find anyone to play it with. Her timing…Read more Music is Infinite – 20yrs only scratched the surface!