Pro Musician’s best friend!!!!

Finally a rechargeable battery that was designed for the demands of the working professional musician. This is great news, the cost savings alone is incredibly, not to mention the positive impact on the environment. This is a win win for audio professionals, photographers and anyone that uses a lot of batteries in their field. Enjoy…Read more Pro Musician’s best friend!!!!

My First Signature Bass. Yay! 😊

As a kid I used to put my initials on the headstock on my bass with a sharpie...LOL! I wanted to see what it felt like to have my own signature instrument. This all seemed impossible, but I do believe in miracles. I decided to practice everyday for up to eight hours a day, and…Read more My First Signature Bass. Yay! 😊

Five Albums – Musical Resolution!

I made a promise to myself to compete five albums before I am 40 years old... wow! Not sure why I keep setting these challenging tasks… I just can't help myself. LOL!  The process of writing songs can be a lot of fun and sometimes a bit frustrating. The tough part is putting these songs…Read more Five Albums – Musical Resolution!

Donald Waugh Live @ Radio Western London, Ontario, Canada

It was so awesome being invited to Radio Western 94.9 FM  to do a live performance. So happy to be playing some of the world's smallest musical instruments like the Wing Bass and the PBJ Double Four. Enjoy the videos and don't forget to follow Don's World here.

How did Airplai band start?

Several years ago I started touring with a reggae band from Jamaica, I won't state their name here, so as to protect the innocent... hahaha! I performed with them for about two years. After which the band leader fired me! I know it sounds like a sad story, but it gets better. Flash back a…Read more How did Airplai band start?

Why did it take 10 years to complete the first album ‘Just Passing Through’?

Having the opportunity to be alive and playing music is surreal. This must be an elaborate dream… hopefully I will never wake up. Haha!  In this next video I explain why the first album took the time it did. Don't worry the third album won't take as long...LOL! Enjoy the video!