There are several products available to us in 2019 for the purpose of looping and performing, on stage and in the studio. Some better that others. So the question is, would you loop with the Boss RC10R? 🤔 The short answer is yes, but not so fast…

I have looped with the TC Electronic Ditto, Boomerang Looper and Boss RC30 and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, which I won’t go into detail about in this blog. The Ditto looper only lasted 8 month before it fell apart on stage, luckily it was the last song for the night. 🙀 While it worked, it was a fun looper to work with. So I picked up the Boomerang Looper, which has four unique loops, which gives you the opportunity to do verse, chorus, bridge and other creative ideas. I used the Boss RC30 for a brief period on stage and didn’t like the switches because I got used to the short travel of the Ditto and Boomerang. Having said that, the Boss RC10R fixed the switches issue and has very short travel switches and also includes drums; all this for a very affordable price of $299. I must admit, that’s impressive. You also get two loops, so you have your verse and chorus. Two less than the Boomerang, but the Boomerang is 1.5 times the price at $450…you get what you pay for. The only thing I’ve experienced that I didn’t like on the Boss RC10R was the difficulty of erasing your loops when moving on to the next song. The RC10R starts the loop for a brief moment then cuts off, which makes it awkward in a live show setting. In the Ditto and Boomerang, you can erase a loop without starting the loop. Then again, I tried out a pre-production model at Summer NAMM, so that may not be the case in the final product. Other than that minor detail it’s overall a great pedal in my opinion, but let’s see what you think…Enjoy the video!

Don would love to hear from you. All comments and questions welcome!

2 thoughts on “Would you loop with the Boss RC10R?

  1. Hi Don, I’m sure you probably already figured out the trick to erasing the loop without playing it but I just learned it myself, hold down the rhythm switch first then press the loop switch for greater than 2 seconds and you’re good to go. Good luck, Ken.

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