Several years ago I started touring with a reggae band from Jamaica, I won’t state their name here, so as to protect the innocent… hahaha! I performed with them for about two years. After which the band leader fired me! I know it sounds like a sad story, but it gets better. Flash back a few months before I got fired…

The band was essentially a backing band for a major artist in Jamaica. So basically we were operating for several months without a name. I went to the band leader with the idea of having a name and some kind of logo to set us apart from other bands. He was very happy with the idea and the name I chose. I went home and designed a really cool logo for the band and presented it to the band leader the following day. He was very excited, so he ran with the idea and decided we would be go by the name I chose.

(Now for the juicy part) One week later, I was told my services were no longer needed. Wow! This was a bit of a shocker because things were going very well. I was told in confidence by one of the band members that I was too much of a leader and I could be a problem for the band leader in the future. Yep! That’s what motivated me to start Airplai. It’s amazing how not having a job can inspire… hahaha! Any how, just thought I would share the story of the creation of Airplai. Enjoy the video.

Airplai Band Winter Tour 2017

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