I have been on a musical journey for the past twenty years and I must say it’s been quite an adventure filled with ups and downs. One of my major ups would have to be the Wing Bass NT6, the biggest tiny instrument you have ever heard. Welcome to volume three of “Game Changing Gear”.

The Wing bass has been a massive source of inspiration in creating new songs for the third album “Early Days” (soon to be released). As a matter of fact as I write this blog post I have my Wing bass strapped around my shoulders… yep! I’m a freak LOL.

Quite honestly, you never really know when a musical idea will hit you in the face, so one must be prepared heheh. Due to the size of this instrument I find myself playing it literally everywhere.


I really am very fortunate to have such an opportunity to experience music in this way. Enough talk, I am sure you would rather hear it for yourself. Enjoy!

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