Hi my name is Donald Waugh and I am an addict…LOL! The first time I got introduced to drums and bass was back in the early 90s while at my local church in Jamaica. I remember hurrying to church so I could listen to the drummer groove and the bass player play cool licks. It was only a dream as a kid, but that dream became a reality when I was about 16 years old. My dad accidentally put money in my bank account because we both have the same name, but he decided to leave it there. He told me to spend it responsibly, so the following day I bought a bass… lol! He was so mad at me!! Thankfully my Mom defended my decision to get a bass. Also, I must say thanks Dad for screwing up at the bank because you kick started my career. Lol! I started playing drums a couple years later while I was in college studying visual arts, as the school of music was located on the same campus. You must be saying why didn’t I just go to music school in the first place? 🤔. At the time my Dad objected to it, so I had to choose something else, and the next best thing was Art. 😁. The moral of the story is if there is something you want to do in life just do it! Don’t listen to other people’s negative opinions even if they’re coming from family because otherwise you will always look back and say “what if?”

Enjoy the videos.

The albums are now available for download here.

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