Game Changing Gear Volume 15

Just when you thought the bass was a pain to travel with NS Design went ahead and created the Omni Bass WAV Series. Welcome to another game changer. I have been searching for a fretless bass for several years, but couldn't find one with the sound and feel I liked, until I found the Omni…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 15

Game Changing Gear Volume 2

Inspiration is a feeling I strive for each day, but somedays are really dull and uninspiring. The NS Design Omni bass is one of those instruments that helps you to change your mindset and look at music in a new and exciting way. Welcome to volume two of “Game Changing Gear”. The first time I have…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 2

NS Design Omni Bass WAV Series Review

It took me several years to find a fretless bass that inspires me. That search is over. The NS Design Omni Bass WAV Series is a great way for bass guitar players to get into playing the upright bass. Very light weight at 7Lbs and very easy to play at 34 inches scale length. The…Read more NS Design Omni Bass WAV Series Review