The Behringer Bass V-Amp pro is a great way for musicians to get into bass effects on a low budget, while maintaining a very high quality sound. Welcome to another game changer.

When I had just left college I was broke, no joke 😂. Hey, I could write a song with that rhyme. Hahaha. Anyway, I wanted to get into effects, do solo bass playing and also improve my tone. I searched around for several months until I found the V-Amp pro on eBay. I believe I got it for under $200, which was awesome for all its features and functions. I used this with a powered speaker or straight to the house mixer when performing at gigs for a few years. It also worked great in the studio. There is a killer synth bass sound on there that can not be beat. Check out how cool the V-amp pro sounds in the video below.

Enjoy more videos here.

The albums are available now for download here.

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