The world isn’t perfect, but the only person that we can truly change is oneself, and hopefully by showing others our positivity and willingness to change, we will in turn make a positive change for those around us!

My musical journey has been filled with ups, downs, twists and turns (hmm, I should write a song about that. Lol 🤔💡😁).

Over the years I have had to make several adjustments to my style, technique and even my choice of instruments in order to grow as a musician. Most people know me as a bass player and singer, but to get to this stage in my career it took a great deal of adjustments. Let’s start with my technique. My technique has evolved over the years, most significantly once I started touring regularly, which began when I got the opportunity to play with the Jolly Boys. I had to play the banjo, an instrument I had never played in my life. So, you can imagine how much time, effort and research I had to put into learning the banjo, so as to be prepared for a world tour in 2010.

After touring with the Jolly Boys for about a year, I decided to go back to playing the bass. That’s when I learned how different the banjo and the bass truly are. My technique on the bass was a mess! So, I decided to incorporate a few things I had learned on the banjo and transferred them to the bass by developing a multi finger approach, rather than the standard one or two finger technique.

This multi finger technique came in handy for playing the guitar too, which landed me on another tour, but this time with two other guitar players. The group Jakoostik was formed. I had to do backing vocals while touring with the Jolly Boys, but touring with Jakoostik was the first time I sang as lead vocalist on a tour. We recorded the entire album in one day, with me singing lead on a few songs and Wayne Armond singing the rest. We toured the US, Caribbean and South America promoting the album, “Jakoostik Volume 1”. We sang classic Jamaican hit songs in an acoustic folk form.

The following year, 2013, I decided to go solo. I did a few YouTube videos, mainly to see what I would sound like, and to share them with my friends and hopefully the rest of the world. An agent saw my work on the internet and that year I received a call to do a cruise ship tour. This was the catalyst for my solo bass journey!

Experience the amazing sounds from Donald Waugh’s musical diary below. Enjoy!

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