There aren’t many things in life we can control, but one…. ourselves. There are few people who seem to have mastered the art of self control. Notably, ‘Bruce Lee’ comes to mind. Being able to have that level of focus, drive and will to achieve his goal is quite inspiring. I remember watching a documentary of him talking about mastering control of his mind, which in my opinion is the toughest thing to maintain control over.

Three and a half years ago, I set out on a journey to complete five albums in five years (fifth album when I am 40). I am 38 at the moment, so not much time left. I must admit it has been tough to keep focused consistently. I know it’s not realistic to be inspired every single day, but I know from experience that what you practice daily becomes habit and you get good at it (bad habits or good habits). This is why I decided to start writing this blog; to always push myself to stay in a positive mindset and maintain my motivation, so I can be more productive and happy.

Mastering control over ones mind is no easy task, but with everything that’s worth doing it’s never easy and there are never any true shortcuts. For example, I started this world tour at 232lbs (105kg) and now I am down to 216lbs (98kg). It was so easy to gain the weight, but it took three months of discipline, hard work in the gym and choosing healthier meals everyday to lose it. So, it took a complete lifestyle change to be able to create good habits. The same can be said for song writing and daily practice, which I must admit had not been consistent. I must say I am happy you guys have joined me on this journey and have been so supportive. Also, a huge thanks to those who have downloaded the albums and are enjoying the music. My goal is to make people happy and put a smile on their faces, even if just for a short while. See you guys in the next blog! Enjoy the videos.

Download Donald Waugh’s Music collection below.

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