I have been told throughout my life that having a single focus is required to have any measure of success. This has become exceedingly difficult in an age that encourages multi-tasking. Many people are faced with an ever-evolving challenge; the distraction of the cell phone and social media. Many of us are addicts and we don’t even know it. If you don’t believe me, try going without your phone for a few days or even a week…. what? You can’t! Thought so.

Something I find myself grappling with ever day is how to use these devices, while not allowing the devices to use me. Being able to put away your cell and to have a conversation with a real person is beneficial to your overall development and general well-being . To be honest, I find myself being generally happier when I have less interaction with social media. The problem is, social media only gives a temporary high and so many more lows (so much negativity online).

I try my best to only add positive messages for my contribution to social media. As the consumer, I would rather see positive content, rather than the constant barrage of negativity that is so often present. My logic is, if you’re going to be addicted to something, then that something might as well be something good, like vegetables or exercise, or helping and caring for people. Creating balance would be the most ideal, but for now this may be the best alternative. Enjoy the video!

Enjoy more of Donald Waugh’s music here.

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