When I am out and about and I am greeted with, “Hi, how are you doing?”, I typically reply, “I am living the dream”. People tend to look at me like I have something on my face… Haha

I truly believe everyone should strive to live their dream, seeing as we only live once!

How can someone go about living their dream? The first step is to pinpoint what your dreams are and then make a list. With a list you can visualize your greatest desires more clearly. In my second year of college I purchased a six string bass and it took me about a year to pay for it. When paid it off I took a permanent marker to the headstock and wrote, “DW”. I dreamt that one day I would have my own signature series of basses. To make it a reality I started researching bass players that had their own signature bass, like Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and Stanley Clarke, and I tried my best to pattern their work ethic. I worked my butt off for a number of years, touring the world a few times and taught others how to play the bass. About three years ago, master luthier Dwight Cunningham offered me an endorsement deal, which also included a signature instrument. This was my dream come true. It’s amazing how things happen once you believe.

Live your dream and you will be a lot happier. Sometimes it may seem hard, but you are better off in that long run. To be extremely happy you will first need to feel the extreme opposite, otherwise you won’t know the true difference. There’s no other way. Life must have balance. Remember how challenging it was to achieve that degree or even to have a successful relationship/marriage. Those take a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Living your dream is no different. It’s challenging sometimes, but the benefits are definitely worth it.

Enjoy even more of Donald Waugh’s music here.

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