You’re a Chameleon!

It was a pleasure making music with my friend Andrew Struve this weekend. You never really know where you will receive inspiration in life. Having an open mind and a killer work ethic is a great place to start. Have an amazing week guys! "You're a Chameleon" will be available for download on the…Read more You’re a Chameleon!

Is it possible to get an amazing drum sound in your basement?

The short answer is maybe! There are several factors that go into creating a great drum sound. For instance, the way in which you tune your drumset can make or break your chances of producing an awesone drum tone. The first step in a great sound is drum tuning. How you tune your drums will…Read more Is it possible to get an amazing drum sound in your basement?

Drum and Bass addict!

Hi my name is Donald Waugh and I am an addict...LOL! The first time I got introduced to drums and bass was back in the early 90s while at my local church in Jamaica. I remember hurrying to church so I could listen to the drummer groove and the bass player play cool licks. It…Read more Drum and Bass addict!

Game Changing Gear Volume 5

Incredible! There are some things in life that I categorize as essential, and the Mobile-Catch multi-purpose clamp is certainly one of those things. Welcome to another volume of "Game Changing Gear". I have been using the Mobile-Catch for almost a year now and I am still finding more unique uses for them every day. Some…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 5

The easy way to record drums and bass!

Welcome to the second episode of “Inside These Walls”.  Please join me on this wonderful journey exploring the beauty of music. Enjoy the video and follow the blog here. Learn how to use Pro Tools in the video below. Enjoy! Episode one below. Enjoy!  

Let’s find out what happens ‘Inside These Walls’.

There are a number of ways to find motivation when you are essentially your own boss. A great way I have found is to make deadlines, because otherwise things will drag on forever. Knowing when to stop and say, "Yes! It's complete" is one of the hardest things for most creative people. Here we have…Read more Let’s find out what happens ‘Inside These Walls’.

Beatbox Drums @ Summer NAMM 2017

We met Matthew, Beatbox CEO/Founder/Creator, last year at Summer NAMM 2016 and from day one we were impressed. Mat brings out the best in people because of his positive, optimistic and just all around happy demeanor. The Beatbox Drums are designed with travel in mind, based on the fact that it’s a box that transforms…Read more Beatbox Drums @ Summer NAMM 2017

Pirate Pete Tripstick Pro @ Summer NAMM 2017

We met Pirate Pete on day two of Summer NAMM 2017 and found his invention very innovative, practical and just down right awesome. Such a simple idea that's well executed. Being able to play drums with a natural acoustic delay will open up a milion new ideas for drum pattern. Learn more in the video…Read more Pirate Pete Tripstick Pro @ Summer NAMM 2017