Incredible! There are some things in life that I categorize as essential, and the Mobile-Catch multi-purpose clamp is certainly one of those things. Welcome to another volume of “Game Changing Gear”.

I have been using the Mobile-Catch for almost a year now and I am still finding more unique uses for them every day. Some of these uses aren’t even music related, and that’s saying a lot because my entire world is surrounded by music… LOL!

On second thought… this is kinda music related. hahaha

Here are a few ways I use the Mobile-Catch musically. When you get yours please share in the comments all the creative ways you use the clamps or just contact me directly. I am always curious how others use the same gear that I use. Enjoy the videos!

Here’s another!

Bonus… hehehe

Learn even more about the Mobile-Catch here.

The albums are now available, just click the ones you would like to experience and enjoy!

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