Game Changing Gear Volume 17

Trying to practice when my wife is sleeping upstairs is a challenge because sound travels through the registers. Luckily, the folks from Phil Jones Bass came up with a very cool solution by creating a headphone bass amp called the Bighead. Welcome to another game changer. The Bighead is a very clean and clear headphone…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 17

Game Changing Gear Volume 14

For several years I have been trying to find the right sounds, trying different amps and cabinets and being totally frustrated until I found the Phil Jones Bass Cab 47. Welcome to another game changing gear. The Cab 47 is quite possibly the most transparent sounding speaker I have ever used. Crystal clear would be…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 14

The coolest music making tools!

Wow! The future is here. Imagine a time when you could make great sounding music in the comfort of your home at a very affordable cost; that time is now! As I continue working on album number three, I find myself getting inspired by the technology I use daily. A cellular phone is now a…Read more The coolest music making tools!

Game Changing Gear Volume 11

Incredible! For years I tried to avoid purchasing expensive gear, especially in the earlier parts of my career. I just didn't think it made a difference... boy was I wrong...LOL! Last year a great friend of mine, Andy Brown, CEO of Wing Instruments, had A Taylor 314ce he needed to get rid of because he…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 11

On a Monday?

Most people really hate Mondays and for good reason. When I had a day job, Mondays really sucked. I literally dragged myself to work, LOL. But sometimes very special things can arise out of places you would not expect. This next song is a tune that was written on a Monday, but was inspired by…Read more On a Monday?

The easy way to record drums and bass!

Welcome to the second episode of “Inside These Walls”.  Please join me on this wonderful journey exploring the beauty of music. Enjoy the video and follow the blog here. Learn how to use Pro Tools in the video below. Enjoy! Episode one below. Enjoy!  

Writing songs with the looper pedal?

Welcome to the very first episode of "Inside These Walls". Check out the second video below, which explains what I am doing in this series. Please join me on this wonderful journey exploring the beauty of music. Enjoy the video and follow the blog here. Intro to "Inside These Walls" Airplai band on…Read more Writing songs with the looper pedal?

Let’s find out what happens ‘Inside These Walls’.

There are a number of ways to find motivation when you are essentially your own boss. A great way I have found is to make deadlines, because otherwise things will drag on forever. Knowing when to stop and say, "Yes! It's complete" is one of the hardest things for most creative people. Here we have…Read more Let’s find out what happens ‘Inside These Walls’.

Five Albums – Musical Resolution!

I made a promise to myself to compete five albums before I am 40 years old... wow! Not sure why I keep setting these challenging tasks… I just can't help myself. LOL!  The process of writing songs can be a lot of fun and sometimes a bit frustrating. The tough part is putting these songs…Read more Five Albums – Musical Resolution!