Incredible! For years I tried to avoid purchasing expensive gear, especially in the earlier parts of my career. I just didn’t think it made a difference… boy was I wrong…LOL!

Last year a great friend of mine, Andy Brown, CEO of Wing Instruments, had A Taylor 314ce he needed to get rid of because he could not justify keeping it, as he hardly used the thing. I had been curious for my years, but could not justify the cost until I saw Andy’s Facebook post about selling the Taylor 314ce acoustic guitar for a fraction of the street price. The feel and sound of the Taylor 314ce acoustic guitar is stellar. Take a listen for yourself in the video below so you can get a better idea of what I mean.

The Taylor 314ce will be heard quite a lot in the upcoming album number three called “Early Days”. Enjoy the video!

Get your very own copy of the albums below. Enjoy!

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