Love yourself… Then love others!

Throughout my years on this earth I have learnt one valuable lesson; love yourself! You may not realize this but self love is the most important love of all. I believe if you do not love yourself it will be impossible to develop the skills of loving someone else. It took me several years and…Read more Love yourself… Then love others!

Finding inspiration everyday!

Is it possible to be inspired everyday of your life? Most people get bursts of inspiration every now and again. I find that since I have quit my 9 to 5 job, I have more frequent experiences of inspiration. Being inspired really makes the work load a lot lighter and generally brings joy and happiness…Read more Finding inspiration everyday!

The Tiny Red Bass “Rose” Wing Bass NT6

I have been playing the Wing Bass for over one year and it's been a very awesome experience. Traveling to different locations to perform has been a dream. I enjoyed using the classic Wing Bass and all it had to offer, until Chris Stambaugh and Andy Brown introduced the Wing Bass NT at Bass Bash…Read more The Tiny Red Bass “Rose” Wing Bass NT6

Pirate Pete Tripstick Pro @ Summer NAMM 2017

We met Pirate Pete on day two of Summer NAMM 2017 and found his invention very innovative, practical and just down right awesome. Such a simple idea that's well executed. Being able to play drums with a natural acoustic delay will open up a milion new ideas for drum pattern. Learn more in the video…Read more Pirate Pete Tripstick Pro @ Summer NAMM 2017

Be your best!

As I continue on this journey of completing five albums, I have noticed that the more I write the easier it gets. Some songs are terrible, but the great thing about consistently writing is that I am able to find a gem in the midst of the crap... LOL. My advise from all of this…Read more Be your best!

Success comes to those who complete tasks

The moment I decided to become and a musician was the the day I took on a great challenge. Practicing for several hours, performing and traveling the world are just a few of the things I do to move forward in my music career. Exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, spending quality time with my…Read more Success comes to those who complete tasks