Is it possible to be inspired everyday of your life? Most people get bursts of inspiration every now and again. I find that since I have quit my 9 to 5 job, I have more frequent experiences of inspiration. Being inspired really makes the work load a lot lighter and generally brings joy and happiness to the process. When I take trips outdoors and spend a bit of time with nature, it seems to energize me and give me a fresh perspective. It may be all that fresh air. My main inspiration comes from people; It could be other bass players or other entrepreneurs or my mother and father, family and friends. There are so many places to draw inspiration from, it may truly be possible to be inspired everyday of your life. Let me know what inspires you in the comments. Enjoy the video.

Enjoy inspired music from Donald Waugh here.

Enjoy even more videos here.

2 thoughts on “Finding inspiration everyday!

  1. Like you said, Inspirations are out there.
    It’s easy to chill at home, but inspirations are not gonna knock on your door. So, the first step is simple: just go out. No matter of you live in a busy city center or in a quiet countryside, inspirations are all around, specially where you would never expect 😉

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