Here We Go… 2018 yes!

2017 was incredible! I am still alive and playing music. Being so close to sharing something so beautiful is quite a humbling experience. The third album is almost complete and I am so excited to present it to the world. I have so many stories to tell; some happy and a few sad ones. To…Read more Here We Go… 2018 yes!

Game Changing Gear Volume 9

Awesome! Finally, a direct box with very useful features. Welcome to another volume of "Game Changing Gear". Originally, the LR Baggs Stadium DI was designed for bass guitar, but I find myself using it for vocals... yep! The great thing about this DI is that it's active and can be powered either by a 9…Read more Game Changing Gear Volume 9

Keep your eyes on the prize!

There are two types of people on this earth, doers and then there are complainers! I must admit it's way easier to be a complainer and that's why a lot of people go that route. Being a doer even when people are telling you to give up and come over to the complainers' side is…Read more Keep your eyes on the prize!