The journey started in July of 2019 when I met the folks at Lanikai Ukuleles. I got the opportunity to play an amazing quality ukulele for the first time and it was like a dream come true. I never knew the ukulele could sound that good! Most people view the ukulele as a classroom instrument, similar to the recorder, so some may not regard it as a professional tool. When you hear what these instruments sound like, you realize that’s not the case. Here are three reasons you may want to consider playing a ukulele.

1. Very portable – I was able to take my ukulele on vacation and still be able to practice quietly, literally everywhere. I chilled out at the pool and jammed a few tunes. I even practiced in the bathroom, not kidding.

2. Fairly easy to learn – The ukulele only has four strings; a lot less than the guitar, which has six. Also, the strings do a lot less damage to your fingers, so no more sore fingers and it has a very short neck for easy reachablility.

3. It sits well in the mix – The ukulele works great with other instruments, making a very unique blend of sounds, which is perfect for playing in bands.

Lanikai Ukulele Shoot-1

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