I have been touring around the world for about ten years and it’s been an amazing experience. I was able to write and record an album while on tour in hotel rooms, and was able to mix it while we waited in airports and on the tour bus. There are so many tools available to musicians in 2019 that help us to produce amazing music for fans to enjoy. My tools of choice have always been a MacBook Pro laptop, midi controller and an audio interface. I am always trying to find that ultimate travel tool for recording and mixing.

Lately, I have been looking at the iPad Pro as a replacement for my Mac laptop. This is actually possible due to the very powerful processors apple has been adding and improving on over the years. For my next production I will do an original song with just the iPad Pro, including editing the video. Let’s find out together if we can achieve the same quality as a laptop.

Typical tools for music production…

Headphones: Phil Jones Bass H850 Headphones

Midi: Sensel Morph

Mic: Shure KSM32

In the hotel room recording!

Laying down a solo with the Wing Bass


Recording music on the go requires software that’s very stable and that doesn’t overload your mobile processor. My favourite is Reaper, and also Pro Tools is some cases.

The software I will be using for this mobile project will be Cubasis, an iOS app based on the desktop application Cubase. Let’s see what happens.

Don would love to hear from you. All comments and questions welcome!

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