I have been using 5A CooperGroove drum sticks for a couple of years and so far they have been amazing. I upgraded a few weeks ago to the newly designed 5A sticks and also decided to go with the slightly longer model, the 5A-165 (16.5 inches long as opposed to 16 inches). That extra half an inch really makes a difference in terms of the feel of the stick. For instance, it’s a bit heavier so you can get more power and volume. Also, having that extra reach for cymbals is very nice. I can set my cymbals a bit further back, leaving more space for the toms. The new sticks also have the rubberized portion for the hands, totally covered, which feels a lot more comfortable to hold.

The sticks to the far right are ball tips. This is my first time playing with such a tip, especially with this length of stick, and I must say I got used to it quickly. The ball tips are a lighter feel than the oval tips and the sound of the ball tips on the hihat is a lot more focused.

Stick upgrade-1

So far I have been bouncing from the ball tips to the oval tips to compare and to decide which ones I will finally move forward with. I will report back as soon as I figure it out. LOL

Original CooperGroove 5A 16″

New CooperGroove 5A-165 (16.5″)

Don would love to hear from you. All comments and questions welcome!

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