I have been touring solo (One Man Band) since 2013, all around the world, from Alaska to Canada, the Caribbean to Mexico, the USA to Europe, and more. Touring solo has been a fantastic experience and also a great learning opportunity. Being able to engage your audience when you are all by yourself is quite challenging, and having the right tools to assist in making the show a bit more fun is essential. Singing and playing your heart and soul out is important of course, but having variety in the sets will be what keeps people’s attention. This has become exceedingly more difficult with the advent of technologies such as social media. To be able to stand out, you have to be the best and the most unique. That’s why as a solo artist I look for cool instruments that sound great, but are also cool to look at! The Beat Buddy is one of those instruments. Check it out for yourself in the video below and see what I mean.

Enjoy more amazing music from Donald Waugh here.

Don would love to hear from you. All comments and questions welcome!

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