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The all new season of “Inside These Walls” is a video presentation of the Journey of music producer/recording artist Donald Waugh showing step by step his process of creating music from an idea to distribution.


The Airplai Band is on tour Noverber 12, 2017 – March 25, 2018 it and exciting time and an awesome new beginning for Airplai®. Find out the tour dates here and the latest new about the band here.

Collaborations are very issential to the growth and developement of the music. Being able to work at the Airplai Studio with the artist Melardo Powell was a fun experience. Our styles may be different, with Melardo Powell being significantly influenced by Reggae and Dancehall and Donald Waugh being influenced by Jazz, RnB, Funk, Rock and Reggae. Somehow we were able to combine our ‘powers’ and come up with something awesome! Enjoy the video.