The short answer is maybe!

There are several factors that go into creating a great drum sound. For instance, the way in which you tune your drumset can make or break your chances of producing an awesone drum tone. The first step in a great sound is drum tuning. How you tune your drums will often be based on the sound of the room and also the style of music. Some drummers choose to add tape and other dampeners like Drumdots to the drum skins to get rid of certain overtones. I prefer to get rid of those over tones by the use of equalization in the mixing process. The second step is acoustically treating your room (tuning your room). Having a totally dead room can create a very sterile sound, but can often be enhanced by the use of reverbs, EQ, compressors and other useful tools when mixing. Having a room that has lots of echo can cause the drum tones to be a bit muddy, muffled or just unclear. Somewhere in the middle will be sufficient. The third step is mixing your drums with EQ, isolating and cutting unpleasant overtones, and also boosting certain frequencies to make is pop! You can also incorporate compressors, especially on the bass drum and snare, to make them a bit more punchy. As an option you can also use gates, especially on the toms, to get rid of leakage and overtones transferred from the bass drum. Obviously, this approach isn’t scientific, so having an open mind and trusting your ears is the key ingredient in ultimately producing a pleasing sound. Enjoy the video!

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