Trying to practice when my wife is sleeping upstairs is a challenge because sound travels through the registers. Luckily, the folks from Phil Jones Bass came up with a very cool solution by creating a headphone bass amp called the Bighead. Welcome to another game changer.

The Bighead is a very clean and clear headphone amp with a few tricks up its sleeves. Today I will use the Bighead as a “Mini bass amp” to record a bass line on a new song from my third album. Let me know your thoughts in the comments on the sound of the PJB Bighead. Enjoy the videos!

The sound…

The specs…

Learn more about the Bighead here.

2 thoughts on “Game Changing Gear Volume 17

  1. Phil Jones amps and equipment are the best in the market .. I have my first generation Bass Buddy and is so useful and in any situation when you need a preamp and or use on studio … these products are no compromise… they are the best…

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