This song “Knowing” was written as an ode to Jaco! I hear people say all the time to “Believe”, I would like to take it one step further and say it’s more than believing it’s “Knowing”.

Fortune favours the bold!

2 thoughts on “Knowing – Donald Waugh

  1. I’m a great admirer of yours , as you the only one who can produce those deep sounds ….! and undistorted , on
    that cute little “ Wing bass guitar “ I like to learn how to manage your cords,positions, …. how to change those various sounds , with various bottoms …. even changing
    octaves ect.
    As I’m elderly and restricted to a very small scale bass guitar ,(17-19”) I like to learn to get somehow that little Wing bass guitar , but as a clone or some happy imitation ?
    As the price , is little bit too steep …. as I’m living on a
    disability pension only ….
    Kind regards Tony Kadman Sydney Australia

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    • Thanks so much for commenting. Yes… the wing bass is a bit expensive because of materials and location of where it was made (USA). Maybe in the future soon wing Instruments will have a more affordable line of wing basses that are made in China. Have an amazing day.


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