The world have been totally changed since the pandemic started. Some say the world needed a well needed break and it definitely got a break. Pollution levels around the world have been drastically reduced. As businesses slowly reopen, many changes have to be implemented to keep people safe. Washing hands regularly, social distancing and wearing masks are a few things most people will be doing as we move forward. My first band rehearsal was a bit weird to me as I wore a mask while trying to sing. I must say this is not easy. I am just happy I am playing a supporting role in this band. LOL

As we go forward, I do believe we will be better and stronger as people. I am so sad for those people who lost their lives because of Covid, but I am glad for all those who were spared. I am surely greatful for not losing my life or any of my friends and family. This proves that time is way more precious than money. Enjoy the video and have an amazing life.

Don would love to hear from you. All comments and questions welcome!


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