Sometimes I like to just sit by my window in my basement and look outside while I practice my bass! I sometimes forget what time it is and can go all day and night without eating, but obviously that would be stupid… (my wife makes sure I am not stupid. Lol)

Since the first moment I touched the Wing Bass 30″ I felt like I was cheating. Somehow its action is so perfect and easy to play that it makes the other basses I play feel like a workout. Haha

I started with the Wing Bass NT6, which is a 16″ scale length little “Red Rose” bass guitar. Then a year and a half after that I had the idea of making it a bit larger for a different tonal range. I contacted Wing Instruments and asked them if they would be able make my Wing Bass supersized. 🎶😁

Their answers was “Heck Yes!” They were able to use the design of the original Wing Bass NT and make a larger Wing Bass 30 with 7 strings this time. Wow! What a brilliant company. Anyway I digress, on with the videos. Enjoy!

Enjoy other cool videos here.

Don would love to hear from you. All comments and questions welcome!

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